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The 411 about QR Codes

 Do you ever see that funny looking little box with all the lines in all directions built inside a square? Kind of reminds you of a bar code, right? Well it is a two- dimensional barcode, but it probably won’t help you check out at a grocery store unless you have a smart phone.

Mission Creative Work: VisitGalena.org

VisitGalena.org - Website

Greater Galena Marketing Initiative's website VisitGalena.org launched in the fall of 2009. The site was to provide a wide variety of business and event information to people living and visiting the Galena, Illinois area.

Visit www.visitgalena.org to view the site.

Conlon Construction Co.

Conlon Construction Accordion Fold

Conlon Construction Co. wanted a marketing piece that would be easy to mail in a #10 envelope and maintain the clean, constructed, and modern feel that Conlon is well-known for. Mission Creative created an accordion fold piece that encompassed all these elements.