Conlon Construction Co.

Conlon Construction Accordion Fold

Conlon Construction Co. wanted a marketing piece that would be easy to mail in a #10 envelope and maintain the clean, constructed, and modern feel that Conlon is well-known for. Mission Creative created an accordion fold piece that encompassed all these elements.

Lady GaGa-Marketing/Promotional Phenom

Not only is the singing sensation Lady Gaga catching the eye of virtually everyone around the world because of her out there looks and her personal saavy music that is creating a phenom in the music world, but she is also attracting marketing directors and advertisers all over the world.  She not only has 2.8 twitter followers, 5.2 million facebook followers, been on muliple print ads and commercials, has Virgin mobile sponsoring her Monster Ball tour, has created her own brand of headphones with her record company, has created her own pink lipgloss with M.A.C. cosmetics, and has been asked by Polaroid to help create new products for them with her edge all within the first year of her debut album.

Religion turns to Social Media

Religious institutions are now turning to the social media craze like everyone else.  Social media is allowing companies and institution to connect with thousands if not millions of people every minute.  Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and Flickr are taking over the media because it has connections that institutions are looking for.

Pepsi Skips Superbowl

Every year, millions of people tune into the Superbowl for one reason: To watch the TV commercials.  This year the price of a 30 second commercial is $2.5-3 Million depending on the time slot it will air.  This seems like an extrodinary amount of money or a 30 second ad, but when you consider that there are on average 100 million people that watch the Superbowl the money is well worth it.  Pepsi is always a strong force when it comes to television ads, but this year they have chosen to not air a commerical during the Superbowl which leaves a lot of people wondering..Why?

Mission Creative is proud to announce the launch of the new Dubuque CVB website

Mission Creative is proud to announce the launch of the new Dubuque CVB website. This online marketing tool boasts many new features to show potential visitors that Dubuque has indeed been Reinvented!


Down To Earth-Dubuque 2.0

Dubuque 2.0 is community lead program that is working to make Dubuque an eco-friendly place to live and create a better living environment for all.  They are working to change the ways of the community to "go green" and help the environment and world day by day. 

Branding Your Business

A lot of people like to think that branding your business is something that only large corporations need to worry about..but that is not true.  Every business needs to brand itself because branding says a lot about you and your business.  It helps you set your business apart from all the others and helps you stick out.

Superbowl Ads-Not Just Entertainment

Not many of us have $3 million dollars laying around to spend on a 30 second commerical slot for the 2010 Superbowl, but if you did have that kind of money a superbowl ad would be totally worth your money.  Many people only watch the Superbowl to watch the hilarious and well put together commercials that air.  One of the main concepts that a company wants to do with their advertisement is to entertain, but that is not the only thing they do.  A lot of marketing executives can learn a lot just by watching the commercials and getting new ideas.  There are 5 marketing techniques that are considered when working with the Superbowl advertisements that can help you out in any area of marketing for a product or service....

Typography-The New Art of Advertising

A fun and savvy form of design has taken over advertisement everywhere.  Typography is the art and technique of arranging type, type design, and modifying type glyphs using a variety of illustration techniques.

Trident uses Twitter testimonials

What better way to show the success of your product then real, authentic testimonials? (And no, not the "I lost 45 pounds thanks to Ab Zapper!" kind.) Trident has turned Twitter talk about their new Layers gum into a full-page USA Today ad afting using Twitter's built-in word search engine. They pulled up positive experiences about their product, got both the user's and Twitter's approval, and made "The People Have Tweeted," a geniune nod to the power of social media and exactly the kind of advertising that can cut through today's noise. See the full ad after the break.

Read - "Trident Gum turns fan tweets into full-page USA Today ad" at Mashable's new viral finder is just what the doctor ordered

Tracking the Internet underground has gotten a little bit easier thanks to, a service showing some of the most buzzed video links shared between social media sites. Based on the popular URL shortener service, used often for the character-limited Twitter, the algorithm roots out links and displays the latest trending videos. The platform serves as a great way for businesses to determine the health of their viral campaign, especially given how the service shows the latest Tweets based on each link. Beyond that, it personally lets you get ahead of your friends on the latest and greatest oddball video. That patronizing sigh will never feel so good.

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Youth Marketing and the Art of Not Taking Yourself So Seriously

I guess I have this mental image of a business owner who is attempting to break into youth marketing. He’s an overweight, middle-aged and rosacea-nosed man who has a passion for thumbing through yachting magazines as he rolls a rocks glass in his button-tufted leather office chair. Then he kicks up his Italian loafers and lets out a sigh. That instant, an apprehensive secretary tiptoes into his office.

How much would you pay for an LOLcat?

"To view more Star Wars Kid, please enter credit card info now."

Reuters is reporting that YouTube is considering offering a pay service to their popular video site in an effort to allow premium TV and movies to be streamed.  This move could position it as an iTunes-like service, and potentially bump heads with cable companies like Comcast, now a major owner in NBC, who streams content online through its Hulu service. Read more about the in's and out's of it below (or, you know, just watch cute kitten videos for a few hours).

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Augmented reality bites?

We've posted quite a few things about augmented reality, mostly because we can see its potential as a marketing tool and as a new way to interact with the end-user...well, that, and it's really neat. But it seems in the rush of 'me too,' user accessibility has fallen to the wayside and may be hurting the fledgling tech. Advertising Age has posted an interesting look at the augmented reality landscape so far, and proposes that if more thought isn't put into it, it's bound to go the way of those blue-and-red 3D glasses (that is, until they're brought back decades later).

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How the business-customer relationship is changing

Social media blog Mashable has a great post on how interaction between business and customer is changing during the social media age. Check it out by clicking the link below.

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