Dubuque Reinvented.

To travelers, the city of Dubuque was painted as a place of storied past and antiquated present. As a forward-thinking city that saw a wealth of new development and culture, a rift developed between perception and reality. Mission Creative began to uproot these deeply-held beliefs with a fresh identity and demonstrated the goal was not about breaking perceptions, but redefining them on their terms.

Dubuque Reinvented is a call to action. A focus on urban renewal where quaint isn't kitsch and modern comforts can live in harmony with historical charms. The mantra of reinvention carried over into collateral, media, and a robust Dubuque CVB website that serves as a platform for travelers and city officials alike. Dubuque Reinvented is a campaign able to see the city through its future years of success.

Tourism + Hospitality

  • Website
  • Collateral Materials
  • Media Planning
  • Media Buying
  • Photography Management
  • Online Advertising